LeadPorte: An Excellent Source For Cold Calling Leads

Imagine, turning on a spigot that pours out the exact type of leads you want to make calls to. That’s effectively what LeadPorte does.

LeadPorte is a self-service lead generation tool that allows your sales reps to generate their own call lists based on the filters they choose. Your reps can filter by city, county, industry, role, title, and dozens of other filtering options. With over 65,575,516 B2B lead records* in the LeadPorte database, your reps should never put their phone down.

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Cut Down Prospecting Time with LeadPorte

“65% of a sales rep’s day is spent on non-revenue generating activities.”

– Joshua Tillman – CEO, Dialsource

It’s not just about getting the right leads easily, it’s also about making sure that you’re calling the actual people you think you’re calling. The last thing anyone wants, whether it’s a sales rep or a VP of sales, is to have hours of outgoing calls going to the wrong contacts. All that does is destroy revenue, commissions, and morale.

Data accuracy is something that we take very seriously at LeadPorte. We continually clean and improve our lead database so our customers always have fresh access to accurate contact data. We also indicate lead quality for each contact record so that you can prioritize your outbound efforts effectively.

Watch the video below to learn more about all that LeadPorte has to offer.

The Most Effective Cold Calls Require Research – Another Reason to use LeadPorte

“The more calls I make, the more dollars I make!”

Not necessarily..

A good sales coach will tell reps to do research on their prospects before making any calls. The better information you’re armed with on the prospects you’re going to call, the more valuable the conversation will be for everyone on the call.

LeadPorte is a robust cold calling tool. We don’t just provide you with phone numbers – you get up to date information on company size, number of employees, revenue amounts, technologies used and a whole host of other highly accurate information. That way, you go into each and every call informed. Our goal is to make you look smart and on point with every prospect you reach out to.

The vast amount of data we provide for each contact record will help you prioritize and improve your outreach efforts which saves you time and earns everyone more dollars. If your organization does lead scoring, you’ll be in even better shape when you integrate LeadPorte into your score based sales and marketing campaigns.

LeadPorte is Perfect for Local Business Campaigns

cold calling leads for local businesses

Whether your prospects are doctors, lawyers or local businesses, LeadPorte has you covered. LeadPorte allows you to search for specific small business types or professions by state, county, city or zip code. LeadPorte ensures that you’ll be able to reach every business you wish to target in a specific geographical zone and you can trust that you’ve left no stone unturned.

In case you’re wondering, cold calling small local businesses generally has a higher success rate than cold calling medium to enterprise size businesses. Small local business owners are generally too busy to check or respond to email, but they tend to answer their phone more often than someone sitting in an office building.

Either way, LeadPorte contact records provide both phone numbers and email addresses so that you have multiple ways to fill your campaign funnels with the pertinent data you need to be successful. So, before you hit the streets, be sure to spend some time doing local research with LeadPorte!

Improve Your Calls With LeadPorte Today

LeadPorte is a monthly subscription priced by the number of records you wish to download. As you get more comfortable with our tool, you can upgrade to higher record counts to augment your expanding outreach efforts.

“LeadPorte has become a regular tool in our data acquisition and management process. The easy-to-use interface is very well thought out and offers excellent and convenient functionality around contact- and company-level targeting.

In addition to the intuitive user experience, the platform is very robust in its support of: domain/email/historical export suppression; domain/company name ABM matching; maximum threshold export options; savable queries; randomizable/sortable export preferences; ample industry targeting filters; and much more. LeadPorte is clearly a solution built by experts who know what data and marketing professionals need!”


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*Total B2B record count as of October 29th, 2018.