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If you would like to generate a list of targeted emails, look no further than LeadPorte, a self-service, subscription-based email address generator. LeadPorte enables sales and marketing teams to generate targeted B2B email lists based on specific filtered queries. The queries can include SIC code, title/role, company, geographical information, and much more.

Our tool is very easy to use. The user interface is obvious for the most novice of users. And once a hungry salesperson starts using LeadPorte and sees its mind-blowing potential, they’re like a kid in a candy shop. You can’t tear them away from it!

“Our marketing firm is pleased with Every Market Media and LeadPorte. In fact, we are beyond pleased. Our open rates are higher than with any other data provider on the AAA records provided by LeadPorte, and we have worked with all of the major data companies in the U.S. We are looking forward to a long-term partnership with Rick, Amanda, Daniel, and the rest of the team.”

Victor B. – Founder

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LeadPorte Was Designed for Effective Outbound Sales and Marketing Campaigns

Frustrated with low-quality lead and contact data? Don’t fret – LeadPorte is your solution.

Nothing ruins a sales funnel and strategy more than low-quality lead data. At LeadPorte we pride ourselves on keeping our contact database maintained to the highest quality, beating out most, if not all, of our competitors. Old records are removed and/or updated daily.

If your company uses lead scoring software, you’ll want to include LeadPorte in the mix so that your lead scoring results will be even more accurate. LeadPorte exports email contact data to a variety of common file formats, so importing data is a breeze.

LeadPorte Has Executive / CEO Emails and Contact Data

One thing LeadPorte is great for is finding executive, CEO, and C-suite email addresses. LeadPorte allows you to perform executive team searches by specific company name or by industry/SIC code. And of course you can also run searches by title/role. We highly recommend that you read our article: Can You Find Email Addresses For C Suite Decision Makers At Scale? Yes. Here’s How

A word of caution: With great power comes great responsibility.

If you subscribe to LeadPorte, you’ll have access to an amazing power to get the email address of just about any executive in the world. However, giving this access to untrained or insufficiently experienced salespeople can be terribly ineffective. Be sure you have a solid sales strategy in place to maximize the effectiveness of targeted C-suite outreach.

LeadPorte and Facebook Custom Audiences

LeadPorte is a great companion tool to any marketing team that builds Custom Audiences in Facebook. You can either generate a list of targeted emails or validate the data on your own email list with data from LeadPorte to improve your Facebook marketing ROI.

This allows you to build Facebook marketing campaigns that are highly targeted (to the point where you KNOW the person you’re targeting is most likely seeing your campaign). With the right finesse, these campaigns can yield incredibly high conversion rates and ROI.

LeadPorte and Account-Based Marketing

Oh, you bet!

As a matter of fact, if your company is doing account-based marketing and not using LeadPorte, well, you’re definitely not doing account-based marketing up to its maximum potential.

LeadPorte allows you to determine who the key stakeholders of your accounts are and get their email addresses. And even if you think you have every stakeholder’s email address, with LeadPorte, you can verify whether the ones you have are the most current/correct. Armed with data of this quality, your account-based marketing efforts will result in greater effectiveness, better team morale, and more revenue year after year.

Email List Generation Best Practices

With any email marketing activity, it’s always a good idea to exercise caution and thoughtfulness. Abusive email practices can get email servers banned or designated spam servers by major email service providers. This can drastically affect your email deliverability rates and damage your business.

Therefore, it’s probably best not to throw a bunch of emails into an email list and spam away. That’s a great way to never touch these prospects again. It’s probably a better idea to let your sales team send 1-2-1 personal emails to each individual prospect. And at an even higher level, we strongly recommend formalizing an outbound prospecting strategy before any action is taken with the emails you’ve generated from LeadPorte.

Every Market Media Consulting

LeadPorte is a subscription-based sales tool created by Every Market Media, which offers consulting and data hygiene services for businesses. If you need help or advice on how to use your generated email lists, please contact us here.