How do I select a data module in LeadPorte?

In the top left of any “search” screen, navigate to the “module” section and select the desired module from the drop down.

What kind of data and functionality is in each module?

There are currently four modules available. B2B, Global B2B, Company and B2B Appends.

- B2B – US B2B Contact Database – commonly used for outbound marketing, prospecting and ABM campaigns. Contacts selectable by uploaded company or website list, uploaded email list, individual search, by industry, job level/title, technologies present and more. Records can be downloaded in bulk or reviewed and selected one by one.

- Global B2B – Rest of World Contact Database – commonly used for outbound marketing, prospecting and ABM campaigns. Contacts selectable by country, uploaded company or website list, individual search, job level/title, technologies present and more. Per our terms and conditions, customer is responsible for lawful use of data. Records can be downloaded in bulk or reviewed and selected one by one.

- Company – US Company Database – contains companies even when we do not have a valid contact at that company in the contact database. Searchable by website content keywords, industries, technologies present, size, uploaded domain or company name list, HQ location and more.

- B2B Appends – US data enrichment tool – allows upload of names with company website, company name or both and returns matching contacts from our US contact database. Selectable by job title/level, industry and everything else found on the US contact data set. Records can be downloaded in bulk or reviewed and selected one by one.

How do I search for prospects by job title?
You can retrieve prospects by job title using your own keywords (or uploaded CSV file of same). Most customers also like to use job level to for instance select contacts above a manager level or director level. Finally, you can use our pre-built job function buckets which use popular keywords for the most popular functions. Important note: Keywords searched can be run as “exact” or “contains”. Thus, if you search for “HR” as a “contains” search, you’ll return titles like antHRopology and “cHRonic care”. If you run it as an exact search only titles that are exactly “HR” will be returned.
Can I search for specific, individual prospects any other ways?
Yes, by email list upload or by searching for their first and/or last name. You can also use the B2B append module to run larger lists of names.
I’d like to find prospects based on their industry, size or technologies they use. How do I do that?
All those options can be found in the “company” section of any module in the LeadPorte system. Vertical market can be chosen via SIC (2 and 4 digit), SIC description or industry. Size can be selected based on revenue or employee size ranges, as well as exact values. At the time of this writing, we track approximately 2,800 installed technologies.
How do I exclude something from a search?
Using our “omit” function. Let’s use the “state” selection under the “geography” section as our example. You can either scroll to the bottom of the list or start your search query with a hyphen to bring up choices in red that mean “omit”. Thus, if you want all states but Alaska and Hawaii, you don’t have to select the 48 states you want, just the 2 you do not want. This also works in the industry and job-related fields. The quantity indicated next to the record is the quantity remaining in the entire DB with that item removed.
How do I search for a company or list of companies?
Under the “ABM” section in every module, there are three search boxes wherein you can search for companies. These three are: email domain, company website and company name. You can retrieve target accounts from these three groups either by typing in the name of the company and choosing the company that best fits or by uploading a CSV. If you choose to upload a CSV, you have a choice to select “exact” or “contains” match logic. Exact match logic will only return matches for items that match your input exactly. Contains match logic will return matches when what you are searching for is contained in the value. For example, if your input list of company names has lots of , INC. and CORP. and LLC you might opt for contains logic since unless our database formatting exactly matches yours, an exact match would not return as many records. Conversely, contains logic searches can sometimes return unanticipated results. An example of this would be searching for “church” and getting records back for “church’s chicken”. PROTIP: Contains works great as an additional “industry” type selection when you’re after a niche market. For example, roofing construction businesses tend to have the word “roof” or “roofing” in their company names / website names and are underrepresented in SIC industry coverage.
I have a list of opt-out accounts or emails, how do I make sure they don’t appear in my search results?
This also works for making sure you don’t download names you already have from another provider, as well as opt-ed out accounts/people. Under our suppression section, you can upload a CSV list of email addresses or domains. You can also suppress past downloaded records to avoid downloading a given record twice.
What format should my uploaded files be in?

For domains, company names and email address the format needs to be .CSV (not XLS, not XLSX, not TSV) with a single column and no header. For the appends module headers are case sensitive and left to right must be first_name, last_name, company_name, company_website. For best possible results CSV files should not contain non-ASCII characters.

My search returned a lot of contacts at a company. We’re looking for just a couple for each. How do I limit that?
The “Max Per” function found in the “Max Per” section allows you to set the maximum number of contacts that will come from a given domain or company name. The system defaults to selecting the highest job level, highest quality record first.
My marketing application is making cold calls. I want to give my reps direct dial phone numbers as often as possible. How do I do that?

LeadPorte uses Every Market Media’s NTC quality scale to sort data by letter grades. A “AAA” record is a record that has a high probability chance (54%) of being a direct dial and has been email verified in the last 90 – 120 days (avg. delivery 90%).

What about other quality levels?

Everything in “A” group, meaning AAA, AA and A has been email validated in the last 90 – 120 days. AAA has the best chance of direct dial, AA somewhere in the middle and A is generally a corporate number.

Everything in “B” group, meaning BBB, BB and B has been email validated in the last 90 – 120 but we received an “unverifiable” or “catch all” response. Therefore, the email delivery rate of this group is lower than A group. Direct dial ratios are comparable.

CCC records are records that have passed email validation in last 90 – 120 but have partial “full business card” values, IE they may be lacking a job title or complete name.

CC records are records that are unverifiable or catch all in last 90 – 120 days but have partial “full business card” values, IE they may be lacking a job title or complete name.

Where do I make the quality selection?
Under the “quality” section with the “NTC” dropdown.
My search returned many records. I’d like to take a random sample of them or take the top X number of highest job level, highest quality records.
Using the “download type” function, you can select “all” which will deliver for download the full results of the search. You can select “Nth random percent” which will deliver your choice of 1% - 99% of the records, randomized. Finally, you can select “Nth top count” to have as many records as you like delivered highest quality, then highest job level first.
Can I review my list results one by one instead of downloading all of the names?

Yes. First, run your search. Then, scroll past the preview records where you’ll find the “download” button and a “Review 1 by 1” button. Click “Review 1 by 1”. This will pull up a carousel where you can review records one by one and select records for good and bad fits for your marketing program in seconds. When you thumb up a record, it will be added to your download queue. When you thumb down a record, our system will note that and compare it to your search criteria to be checked for errors. The record will be removed from your download queue.

Which browsers are recommended for user with LeadPorte?

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer 11 and prior are no longer supported.

Where do I change my password or account details?

Under my account tab in the upper right.

Where do I upgrade / cancel my account?

Users with non-custom plans may upgrade or downgrade their package through the My Account section. Users with custom plans must submit a cancellation request through the support tab.

Standard plans






Custom plans

For any zip codes that start with 0 when I export the data the leading zero is dropped. Why is this?

Exporting the data to CSV and opening with excel causes the field to be seen as a number and since numbers can’t start with zero, the number is dropped. This also effects SIC and NAICS.

This can be fixed with excel function “concatenate” and formatting the field as text.

Step 1: Insert a column next to the desired field to be fixed containing the character “0”.
Step 2: Insert a blank field next to the “0” column.
Step 3: In the blank column, start the excel formula with =concatenate then reference your “0” and truncated fields. Example: =concatenate(b2,c2)
Step 4: Copy the concatenated values, paste as plain text over the truncated values.


Which email service providers (ESP) will accept third party data for marketing?

Several. For larger daily volumes we recommend Clickback although most any ESP that offers access to dedicated equipment will allow third party data. If you use promo code EMMMAIL10 you’ll get $100 off setup charges.

Other popular solutions for 1 to 1 marketing (small daily volume) are Outreach.io or Salesloft.

I've uploaded a list of domains to suppress companies from my search but I still see some companies that were in my list. Why is that? What can I do to fix this?

Our system removes automatically some leading https://, www. and so on, however it works best with a "root" domain, which is shaped like "leadporte.com". Anything shaped with more "/" or other non root URL characters reduces the chance we can match to your suppression file and thus increases the chance of pulling contacts in that you may wish to exclude. For best results, use root "naked" domain when suppressing or matching.