LeadPorte: The B2B Lead Generation Tool

LeadPorte is a self-service lead generation tool that lets you build lead lists quickly and easily. A vast database gives you choice. An intuitive interface gives you control. Choose exactly the leads you want, get only verified leads.

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A database of verified leads

50% of respondents told Ascend2 that their most important goal was to increase lead quality.

Lead quality is one of the biggest challenges that sales and marketing professionals face. LeadPorte delivers a vast database of over 65,575,516* B2B prospects. We check daily, removing outdated information and ensuring that records are accurate and up-to-date.

The result?

Use Leadporte and you know what you’re getting, every time.

No wasted calls or undeliverable emails, and no gatekeepers. Using verified leads, so you’re always contacting the person you want to, creates an effect that shows up all the way through the sales process, creating better momentum and morale, more sales and revenue.

Targeting specific buyer profiles with LeadPorte

61% of respondents told Hubspot their top challenge was generating leads; 40% of sales respondents said it’s harder to get a response from prospects compared to two or three years ago.

LeadPorte delivers a database you can search by multiple criteria to ensure that you get the exact leads you want. How many times have you had to cull a spreadsheet, removing names and records that don’t fit your target audience or buyer profile? Now, you never need to do it again.

LeadPorte allows you to build a targeted list quickly and easily, knowing that all your results are checked for quality.

Here’s a brief tour of the tool in action:

In addition, you can specify the quality level of the results you want. Choose whether your list includes direct-dial phone numbers, or whether each name has a working corporate email attached.

You don’t just get records that match your ICP or target audience. You can also tune your results into the requirements of your sales or marketing campaign. That way, when you start sending emails or making calls, you know you’re going to reach the right people, with the right requirements, through the right channel.

Target specific job roles: get rich C-suite leads

LeadPorte lets you target individuals by their specific job role, or by more general descriptors. You can select job level — C-suite, or managerial — or select job function. You can cross-reference the two against each other for a really precise match, using multiple terms in both fields to ensure you get the exact records you want.

When you get your results, you’ll see rich records containing far more than a name and an email address. Depending on the record’s quality rating you might find direct-dial phone number, social profiles, business address and more: everything you need to craft a high-converting message to the C-suite.

Target leads by industry, technographics, employee numbers and revenue

Choose results by industry, whether that’s by description, by SIC codes, or both. These can be cross-referenced too. Broad, primary and secondary SIC codes give you a tight focus if that’s what you want.

LeadPorte lets you search by technology used too. If you’re selling competing or replacement tools it’s good to know what your target companies are already using! Marketing, management and productivity tools are all available.

Company size can be a major factor in whether a lead is a good fit. LeadPorte lets you specify, by number of employees, revenue range, or both. You can select ranges, or see results that match or exceed exact numbers.

Perfect targeting for local selling

Location isn’t important for some sales and marketing efforts; for others, it’s absolutely vital, and a call or email to the other side of the country is wasted. Local businesses need large quantities of geographically concentrated leads to succeed, and sourcing them solo is tough and time-consuming.

With LeadPorte, you can make sure all your prospects are where you need them to be, by simply selecting location, by city, state, zip code, county or state. As with every other LeadPorte search parameter, you can be as exact or as broad as you need to be. If you need every lead in Missouri, you’re covered; only want leads in 11204 (that’s Flatbush, if you’re interested)? LeadPorte will give them to you.

When location is crucial to your selling process, LeadPorte delivers — and even when it’s not, knowing a prospect’s location can make it easier to tailor messaging.

Scoring lead quality the LeadPorte way

LeadPorte carefully assesses and scores each record by several criteria, so you can decide for yourself which trade-offs you want to make depending on your goals.

A cold email campaign is going to rely less on access to direct-dial phone numbers; cold calling-only efforts, of course, won’t put so much emphasis on email addresses.

Here’s the full list of what’s on offer:

Score Email Phone Records
AAA Validated 90-120 days ago Probably direct dial Complete, including job titles, names and other details
AA Validated 90-120 days ago May be direct or corporate Complete, including job titles, names and other details
A Validated 90-120 days ago Probably corporate Complete, including job titles, names and other details
BBB Validated 90-120 days ago, response could not be verified Probably direct dial Complete, including job titles, names and other details
BB Validated 90-120 days ago, response could not be verified May be direct or corporate Complete, including job titles, names and other details
B Validated 90-120 days ago, response could not be verified Probably corporate Complete, including job titles, names and other details
CCC Validated 90-120 days ago, response could not be verified Probably direct dial Incomplete — job titles may be absent or names incomplete
CC Validated 90-120 days ago, response could not be verified May be direct or corporate Incomplete — job titles may be absent or names incomplete


Building a pure cold email campaign? You’ll want AAA, AA, and A results. Focused on the phones? AAA, BBB and CCC records will meet your needs.

Most importantly, with LeadPorte you always know what you’re getting. Search results are flagged by quality even if you didn’t search by quality, meaning you know before you download them whether they have the data you need.

Nail cold outreach campaigns

LeadPorte is the perfect tool for cold outreach campaigns. Selling over phones or by email is a numbers game, at least in the early stages, and LeadPorte simply allows you to tilt the numbers in your favor. As Tasha Stultz, of Parker Marketing Research, says: The telemarketing aspect of my process can be frustrating at times because I’ll call prospects that won’t give me the time of day.’ LeadPorte lets you know for sure that prospects are a fit — before you pick up the phone.

When you know who’s going to pick up the phone and you can say for sure that they have the revenue to pay for your offering, you’ve already eliminated two of the biggest bottlenecks in cold outreach. And then there’s the company-level targeting that lets you match technographics, location, industry, and even the year the company was founded, to your ICP before you start calling or emailing.

Most cold email or calling campaigns blow it at the top of the funnel, reaching out to prospects who will never convert because they’re a bad fit to start with. Fix that, and watch all your numbers jump, all the way down the funnel.

Generate leads for Account Based Sales/Account Based Marketing

Account-based selling and marketing requires you to reach out to and build relationships with multiple people at the same organization. That’s the point. We’ve already seen how LeadPorte lets you search by company data, not just descriptors of individuals. You can combine the two to get, say, only C-suite results from companies targeted by revenue, location, and technographics.

The capacity to build a list based on company data and define multiple roles means you get results that are perfect for account-based efforts, and once you get the simple process nailed, producing and downloading lists like this is quick and easy.

Easily make sales strategic

Opportunistic prospecting is the norm in many businesses. Forced to do their own prospecting, or fed leads by busy SDRs with an eye on numbers, rather than quality, salespeople frequently don’t even use CRM to store prospect details. But when the top of the funnel is opportunistic, it’s hard to line sales up with wider business goals.

‘A company’s sales organization is a core vehicle for implementing business strategy,’ says Harvard Business School. ‘Yet there’s often a big gap between the company’s strategic objectives and the way its sales organization actually functions.’

LeadPorte lets you select leads strategically, so you can align both their sales processes and their top-of-funnel efforts with your business goals.

Sell multiple products easily

When a sales force sells multiple products, the pressure to acquire good leads is multiplied too. Leads that are a great for one product aren’t interested in another at all. When that happens, says Stanford’s David Bruce Mongomery, ‘it frequently becomes impossible or impractical for salesmen to promote all items in the product line extensively in each and every time period.’

LeadPorte lets you select leads by their suitability to your products, guided by technographic, role and industry considerations, and pass those leads on to the teams focusing on different products. Your sales force can sell multiple products, each to carefully targeted leads.

LeadPorte and Facebook Custom Audiences

If your team builds Facebook Custom Audiences, LeadPorte plugs right into that process. You can generate targeted email lists, then take them over to Facebook. Or you can validate your own pre-existing email lists with data from LeadPorte, to improve your Facebook marketing ROI.

Facebook Custom Audiences are an immensely powerful marketing tool, but they work best when the email data that’s fed into them is validated and highly targeted. Get that right and Facebook ad campaigns can deliver unprecedented success.

Third-party lead generation

Sell email lists? That’s a tough market, but there’s an easy way to stand out. Consistently blow the competition out of the water on speed, quantity ad quality. Instead of reselling bought email lists with poor data quality and hardly any information, offer your clients tailored lists direct from LeadPorte, built for their exact needs. The best part? Your margins will go up at the very same time your reputation in your customers’ eyes soars.

Supplement your own list-building efforts

If you know the company you want to reach out to, but not the individuals you need to talk to, it’s the beginning of an arduous process — especially since LinkedIn made it a thousand times harder to pick up email addresses off the site. Of course, you can do this yourself. Or, you can let LeadPorte do it for you — armed with only the domain name of the company.

Lead generation that consists of copy-pasting homepage URLs sounds too good to be true, but it definitely isn’t: LeadPorte lets you build a targeted list including rich records for multiple individuals at target companies, right from domains alone.

Alternatively, use the B2B Appends feature to upload company names, websites or both, along with the names of individuals you want to contact. LeadPorte searches for matching records and returns data-rich results including social profiles, business addresses emails and phone numbers when they’re available.

Want to build lists quickly, at scale, without doing all the legwork — and still hit the target every time? LeadPorte is the answer.

Scale with LeadPorte

LeadPorte is priced by the record, so you only pay for what you use. There are no hidden charges or fees, and you can easily increase the number of records available to download when you scale.

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*This number is correct as of October 29, 2018, but changes constantly as new leads are added and invalid ones removed.