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EMMquery is now LeadPorte

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First, for those already using the tool – thank you for working in LeadPorte (formerly EMMquery – you served us well!) over the last three months. It’s been exciting as a Founder to watch our team develop the data and software that’s delivering growth to businesses across the globe. Since September 6th, you’ve run 7,896 counts and downloaded 1,782 files!

Now that EMMquery is LeadPorte, it has migrated to a new website LEADPORTE.COM. Dan Currier is still in charge of support for existing customers. Please feel free to email or call him with any questions you have. He’s ready and willing to help!

Speaking of new stuff, you can now also submit feedback on the data or user interface through the new ‘feedback’ tab. The portal will be your quickest option to submit feedback and suggestions.

We’ve been very busy the last few months so there are even more feature changes which have been outlined below.

We have loaded the new data file (v 11.17.2) over the weekend to minimize potential disruption to workflows, which is described below in “new data”.

Finally, if you know anyone looking for a great B2B data tool, send them our way! Feedback from multiple users is greatly appreciated. Plus, we’ll take $100 a month off your bill as long as they are a customer!
Don’t forget to take a video tour of LeadPorte
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSrPOHVWcnI (I’ll hyperlink this to the word LeadPorte)

Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Happy Prospecting!



New data:
– total online file size now 70,997,587 records
– new contacts after cleansing this update is a massive 5.173 million, bolstering US AAA by 1.273 million and BBB by 2.561 million
– removed 547k from AAA and BBB based on human feedback
– optimized data link between company name and company website
– optimized industry accuracy and SIC/industry correlation accuracy
New LeadPorte features:
– new section, download type, featuring top contact and nth contact pulls
– top contact allows you to download the “top” X number of contacts from a larger pull, with top being defined as highest NTC and highest job level
– nth contact allows you to select a percentage or number of records at random from a larger pull
– feedback tab added
– team admin features including: search only restriction, ability to pull team saved searches, visibility into company monthly data consumption
Next 45 – 60 days:
– publish net new
– begin rolling re-verification of A group
– further firmagraphic refinement
– additional firmagraphic search function, including keywords found on company websites and business intent data
– publish company level data module

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