Sales Leads Lists

Don’t Buy Lists. Build Quality Sales Leads Lists with LeadPorte.

Buying a list of leads can be a risky investment. Is the information old? Have the individuals changed companies or positions? What if the list was stolen or is not authorized for use?

LeadPorte is a unique solution designed to let sales teams create lists of targeted B2B sales leads quickly and painlessly. No need to slowly comb through LinkedIn, or worse, wait for the marketing department to send you a bunch of low-quality leads.

LeadPorte allows you to create and curate B2B sales leads lists based on specific search criteria you select – title, role, SIC code, geography, and dozens of other useful filters.

The massive LeadPorte database of B2B sales leads is one of the freshest in the industry. It is constantly updated and cleaned to ensure that you have the best prospecting experience we can possibly deliver.

How LeadPorte Works

LeadPorte is a self-service online tool you can use to generate your sales leads lists. Before you begin, sign up for an account here.

Once you register, you’ll be ready to access the power of LeadPorte! To start building a leads list in LeadPorte, simply enter a few basic search parameters:

  • Your target geography (say the United States)
  • The title you’re targeting (say procurement manager)
  • The industry (enter a specific SIC code or type in an industry)

LeadPorte can get much more detailed, but this is a good first pass for you to see the abundance of leads that will be generated with a few parameters.

After you enter your specific search parameters, LeadPorte will generate your sales leads list, and you can download it into your favorite file format. Watch the video below to see LeadPorte in action.

A Super Tool for Cleaning and Improving Your CRM Data

Have you noticed that the data in your CRM isn’t always up to snuff?

Bad emails, wrong phone numbers, and misspelled names?

Poor CRM data is a huge burden on sales teams, decreasing overall team performance and morale.

LeadPorte is a great tool to help you clean your own CRM data to improve its accuracy. You can cross-check your CRM data with LeadPorte data and turn “bad leads” into opportunities by using the correct contact data to get through to real humans. So update your CRM and achieve your sales goals a few days early!

For larger data hygiene jobs, you can request that our parent company, Every Market Media, help clean your CRM data with LeadPorte data. Whether you need to improve contact data, deduplicate data, or move to a new CRM, the team at Every Market Media handles these exact data challenges on a daily basis.

International B2B Sales Leads Lists

We provide international B2B leads lists as well.

Why limit your prospecting to only the United States? International business leads are just as valuable; and in some industries, targeting overseas accounts can more than double your business. International accounts can end up being your primary revenue driver once you make the leap to engage in business overseas.

We’ve spent the past few years painstakingly creating our international B2B leads database. We’ve made sure that all contact formats (which vary heavily from country to country) are available to our customers so that they are useful for any type of marketing automation and prospecting etiquette. For instance, the first and last names are in the correct order.

If you’re concerned about being GDPR compliant, don’t worry, all of our data has been obtained under strict GDPR compliance methods. Feel free to ask us how to use our EU data if you have any compliance questions.

LeadPorte is an Excellent Tool for Startups

LeadPorte is a great tool for new organizations that are just starting up and have no sales leads data. It’s the perfect way to build your initial sales leads lists and seed your CRM with contact data so your new sales team can pound the phones.

You’ll find it’s much less expensive than trying to generate leads through marketing, advertising, or trade shows. And the best part is your sales team won’t have to wait months to get leads to act on – they can get started calling leads today!

What’s the Best Way to Use LeadPorte Sales Leads?

You can let your sales team tear into LeadPorte and go to town. Or, in many cases, the best approach is to have experienced sales managers create leads lists for their teams. An experienced sales manager or VP of sales who really understands the ideal client can curate a targeted list to make sure junior or new sales team members don’t waste time contacting off-target leads. We love helping our customers succeed, so please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and get help from LeadPorte tips and best practices.

What Our Customers Have To Say About LeadPorte:

From day one LeadPorte has been and continues to be a stellar resource for our data hygiene processes. They went above and beyond to assist with integration to their API as well as building out unique front end functionalities to ensure we were able to get to the data in the way we needed. A clean and simple to navigate UI paired with a hefty dataset makes traversing such big amounts of information and locating the perfect contacts a breeze. The whole crew at Every Market Media/LeadPorte has exceeded our expectations in customer service & professionalism, and we are eager to see what they will offer up next.


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